Hello, DreadHub Community! I am making this announcement for two reasons, A, A new rank has came to DreadHub it is called "Player+", if you want to receive this rank make sure to sign up on the DreadHub site and a must as well you have to be on for a week or so.

Second part of the message! Please make sure you have signedup on the Website and been semi-active on the server for 2+ weeks! to start applying for a staff posistion! Thank-you! Community. -Curtis
Hello people that are on the DreadHub's Website! I am looking for more people to help out. Mainly for advertising but also for staff. Yeah, you heard correct we need staff to monitor and show noobs where to navigate on DreadHub. Because I feel people are just wanting to leave mainly because they don't know where to go. Server to server. and that's why I also will need your guys's help for help out on that part. Maybe there will be a give away you never know I would think about it! In the mean time, Have fun! -Curtis
Welcome to DreadHub a WIP server! Glad you could join the community! Please understand, following all of the rules is a must. Every rule will be stated below, Thank-you! TnTCurtis!
  1. Be Mature.
  2. Be Respectful.
  3. Keep Cussing to a minimum.
  4. Have common sense for everything.
  5. No Hacking.
  6. No Abusing Powers.
  7. No advertising without owner or co-owner permission.
  8. Do not EVER spam chat, thank-you :).
  9. Enjoy...
If you guys think/want more rules just let me know and I might just put it up.